Buck on Ranch - Texas - Miniaturpferde Zucht AUSTRIA   Buck on Ranch - Texas - Miniaturpferde Zucht AUSTRIA
Buck on Ranch - Texas - Miniaturpferde Zucht AUSTRIA
Buck on Ranch -  Texas
Buck on Ranch - Texas - Miniaturpferde Zucht AUSTRIA
Buck on Ranch - Texas - Miniaturpferde Zucht AUSTRIA
Buck on Ranch - Texas - Miniaturpferde Zucht AUSTRIA
Buck on Ranch - Texas - Miniaturpferde Zucht AUSTRIA


american miniature horse stallion

sir: BOONES LITTLE BUCKEROO - 30.50 inch still producing, every body knows BOONES LITTLE BUCKEROO, so no words about him, only: L.K. BUCK ON BROADWAY got one of the prettiest Buckeroo head of his offspring

dam: JOHNSTONS BO CREAM - 28.00 inch not longer producing, she is a very, very tiny little palomino mare, she has a super beautiful arabian styled head.

B.O.B. is 37 % GOLD MELODY BOY Pedigree

The strongest point of BOB is his tiny barrel and the high hooky neck.
L.K. BUCK ON BROADWAY himself has a very unique independent attitude. He is as free as the WIND. He very much depends on his instinct and we find his offspring are also very independent, very, very instinctive in their behaviour, and very small. They best fit show ring attitude


The L.K. BUCK ON BROADWAY offspring are noted for their stamped high headed hooky necks. They have been referred to as the ? babies. They have also the tiny barrels and are very smooth bodied and aerodynamic in their build. They excel in the driving arena, they were almost born to drive.

He has produced too many champion to count them all. In 05 his daughter was AMHA WORLD Res. Champion yearling filly, and in AMHR his son was National Junior Champion. Many of his get were National Champions winners

The total of L.K. BUCK ON BROADWAY foals would come to over 100. We breed about 7-10 mares to BOB a year. His daughters and sons have become very valuable producers. Angie Sauer have retained most of his foal crop from 05 SHE will possibly allow some for sale in 06 as yearlings.

Angie Sauer from Hoof Beat . . .

. . . I did not find BOB, he found me. I picked him out for a friend of mine who bought him first. I was asked to go in on a Partnership. I WAS NOT interested in him because of his pedigree.

Quality must be proven to me. Many years ago pedigrees were not proven. I was searching to incorporate in my breeding program a line with more horse like characterists.



Because there have been many problems at foaling, in the past everyone was using taller mares and small little stallions. Small was most important for the stallion, not the quality. 

So the bloodlines we were all using back in the 1990's were producing small big headed, big bodies animals with no legs, small was NOT good. We had tried to breed down too quickly in my opinion.

At the time I began to use L.K. BUCK ON BROADWAY on my mares, I was using taller mares to try and produce a more leggier animal. WE have PURPOSELY bred for taller horses to improve the breed. WE had to or we would have kept producing dwarves and horses longer than they are tall.

The small horses have NOT been perfected yet. Oh yes.. we are starting the produce a few very good small ones . . . but we have a long way to go . . . 

When our first foal crop by L.K. BUCK ON BROADWAY came they were beautiful . . . some babies were smaller, others taller . . . but all have more leg, smaller barrels, and small heads.

I was impressed and so were the other breeders whose babies we beaded in the show ring.


Through the years we have tried breeding smaller and smaller mares to L.K. BUCK ON BROADWAY . SLOWLY not to destroy the style we have created . . . The foals are so refined we do not have foaling problems, breeding smaller mares to this taller BOB. WE are achieving foals with the same fine structure in a small package.

Our farm is very far from Texas, so we like to show more in the AMHR. They have under 34 inches and also over 34 inches classes in the show ring, so we can show our most beautiful over 34" babies too. 

We support both AMHA and AMHR. We think there should be also a place for OVER 34 inch horses to show in EUROPE, like amhr, because there will be many of them too! It is a fact of the industry.

WE hope to never forget what has made us successful. Quality FIRST size second. WE strive to leave a perfect miniature horse for our grandchildren to raise . . . 

. . . Angie Sauer, buck on - the past creates the future 

Buck on Ranch - Texas - Miniaturpferde Zucht AUSTRIA
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